Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sophomore Year Work!

So here's my first actual post with artwork. These are all works that I made my first semester Sophomore year, so they were all made in 2009. A little old, but showing the progress.
This was the final I had done for my Media Techniques class. Acrylic, Gouache, and Ink. Still Life. 11"x14".

"The Family Pet". 11"x14". Acrylic.
Sorry for the glare in the left corner, this is an old crappy picture.

Claudio Sanchez. 11"x14". Ink, and gouache.
Again somewhat crappy picture. My camera sucks, and so does the scanner that I do not use.

Products with different slogans. 11"x14". Gouache.

"Sparrow". 11"x14". Acrylic and Pen.

Pin-Up. 11"x14". Acrylic.

"Green Hulk Maegan". Self Portrait. 11"x14". First painting made with Acrylic.

"Zombie Maegan". Self Portrait. 11"x14". Acrylic.

Trojan Horse Project - Outside. Acrylic.

Trojan Horse Project - Inside. Acrylic.

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