Thursday, January 13, 2011

Advanced Drawing Work 2010

The following pieces were all assignments from my Junior year class, Advanced Drawing Project. All were done in 2010.

Black & White. 2 - 11"x17". Prismacolor Pencils.
We were assigned to take one object, either white or black, and draw it on a matching color surface. Then paint it the opposite color and again draw it on the same color surface. This was done right before Halloween so I decided to go with a theme relative to the holiday.

Close-up of skeleton on cat.

Close-up of skeleton on ghost sheet.

Clothed Object. 3 - 9" x 11" (?). Charcoal Pencil.
For this assignment we had to choose an object to place in a pillow case with various strings, bands, etc. around the object to give some clue but not much as to what the object in the pillow case was. We then guessed each person's objects based on the three drawings of the object. My object was a clothes hanger.

Close-up of top panel.

Close-up of middle panel.

Close-up of bottom panel.

"Who's Watching?" 17"x20"(?). Charcoal, acrylic.
Final Assignment. Sorry for the awkwardly angled photo. Was hard to get it all in the camera.

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