Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a sketch I've been futzing with the last few days. Whooo I needa sketch more lol.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Skate of the Art!

To all that enjoy my work and to all who are in the Worcester area next month, I will be included in a group art show at Out of the Dark World! Skate of the Art is a group art show held every year where a bunch of local artists paint skateboard decks and put them on display. This year things are a little different where we painted pairs of Vans canvas shoes donated to us. This is the first gallery show I'll actually be a part of because I'm really good at missing deadlines to most (will work on not doing that this upcoming year). The opening reception is August 6th from 7-10pm! For you facebookers here's the facebook event page. Once I finish my pair of shoes I may upload them onto my blog for you guys to have a sneak peak at ;]

But really, if you're in the area stop on by! I'd totally appreciate it!

This was just a sketch I started after buying some sweet new pencils. The more I continued, the more I really liked this piece. Needless to say I loved it when I finished and bought a sweet frame for it to hang in my room! Skulls are becoming an almost unhealthy obsession in my art lately. Watch out for the tattoo! Haha seems like every time I like putting something in my art I get it tattooed. Unfortunately I am too focused on saving my money to really think about getting tattoos. Especially since my 21st birthday is about 5 days away. Anyway, here's that image!

Degree Project

So the first half of degree project is mainly research and developing ideas. Our goal for the class was to have two finished pieces by the end of the semester. Mine were very experimental - working with different materials and new techniques. The first image is my glasswork piece. This piece was done by silk screening the image of the woman onto two pieces of sheet glass then fusing them together in the kiln, one on top of the other. The result was better than I had expected and got amazing feedback from my classmates. This is a technique I would enjoy using for future projects.

This second painting was kind of an idea thought up between me and the help of my professor. We thought it would be interesting to make a painting with 3D elements, always something I wanted to do, but never pushed myself to do. I made half the dog skull from wire, paper mache, and masking tape. The marigold flowers are made from tissue paper and the red banner is construction paper that I hand cut. Another successful experiment in my eyes. "The Dog Altar"

And to throw these in, these are the last two of my glass projects. My last glassblown piece was a little shot glass with a sweet handle. I also made a sandblasted skull. Sandblasting was a really fun experience, totally new and totally different result.

Word and Image Final

Our final project for Word and Image was to make a broadway musical poster for a movie that has not been created into a musical yet. I decided to do my take on "Jumanji the Musical".
10.5" x 16.5" Watercolor, ink, digital.

Illustration III 2011.

These are the remaining projects from my Illustration III class. Our final project we worked with a client from Half Price Books about creating a series of five paintings reminiscent of children's stories. I chose to make a series based off a polar bear cub out on an adventure through the sea and meeting all the sea creatures along the way.

All images 11 x 14 acrylic.

Another assignment was to take the Statue of Liberty and to make some sort of statement about society using the iconic statue as our focal point. I decided to poke fun at society's media idols such as the beloved Jersey Shore characters. I present to you, Snooki of Liberty.