Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Assignments of the Semester!

So the new school year has begun, I am a senior and am about half-way through my first semester. Ohh lordy are things crazy! But I'm buckling down big time this year and getting things to be GOOD. The "They Draw and Cook" Cookbook has been shipped to all those that pre-ordered it and if you would still like to order it, here's the Amazon page.

Here's the work I've gotten done so far this semester:

                                                              Fragile Earth Assignment
                                                                   11"x14", Acrylic

This was my first assignment for my Illustration 4 class and was a response illustration to the "Fragile Earth" show from the Society of Illustrators that was being displayed at MassArt. My idea came from the  "deer forests" at zoos that allow people to come in and feed the deer, and that these deer have become naive to what they're being fed by humans. 

Acrylic, Digital

This was my first piece for my Illustrative Mask Making class. The assignment was to create a Halloween-type character, make a mask and an illustration for the character. This is my "Zombie Narwhal" in all of it's zombie movie poster glory. The mask images are as follow:

The mask was made with a wire frame covered in layers of masking tape, followed by paint. 

"Riding Hood"
12"x18", Watercolor

This was assignment number 2 for Illustration 4. We were to create a montage illustration with multiple things happening in one scene. I focused this illustration much more in my career interest of tattooing. 

We were also given a "curveball" for our image in which our teacher assigned us a major thing to change about our illustration as if we were working with a client and were asked to make changes. I was asked to put wood grain in the background but not in the detail of the image. Here's my end result:

The semester has been productive so far for sure. I will be updating in a couple of days about a show that some of my work will be showcased in. Keep following!



  1. These are siiiiiiiiiiick Maegan!
    You paint water like nobody's business!

    Get it gurl, get it!